SEO-Driven Med Spa Keyword Research: The Key to Attracting High-Value Patients

Med Spa Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial component of any successful online marketing strategy for medical spas.ย 

By identifying the right keywords that potential patients are using to find services like yours, you can optimize your website and content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more qualified leads.

Focus on "Bottom of Funnel" Keywords

Bottom of Funnel keywords are search terms used by people who are ready to purchase services right now.

For med spas, this includes keywords for specific treatments you offer, such as “botox near me,” “coolsculpting Portland,” “liposuction,” and so on.

These searchers have high purchase intent, so you definitely want your med spa to show up prominently for these types of keywords.

As Karen, one of our med spa SEO specialists at Diamond Accelerator, explains,

"Think about it - if someone is searching for "botox near me," they've likely already done their research, know what botox is, and have decided they want to get the treatment. Now they're just looking for a provider in their area to book with. If your med spa shows up at the top of those search results, there's a great chance that searcher will click through to your site and schedule an appointment."

While more general keywords like “med spa near me” or “skin rejuvenation” are still important, we always advise our med spa clients to prioritize those bottom of funnel keywords tied to their core treatments.

Focusing your SEO efforts there is one of the most effective ways to drive more revenue from your website by connecting with patients right when they’re ready to buy.

The key is knowing which keywords matter most for your specific med spa, then building your SEO strategy around them.

Interested in learning more about how Diamond Accelerator can help optimize your med spa’s website for bottom of funnel keywords? Contact us today to speak with one of our med spa SEO experts.

Analyze Search Volume

Search volume refers to the estimated number of times a particular keyword is searched per month.ย 

For example, “botox near me” gets searched around 110,000 times per month, while “medical spa near me” only gets about 60,000 monthly searches.ย 

Prioritize keywords with higher search volume to maximize your potential reach.

Useful tools for analyzing search volume:

Look at the Google Local Pack

Google Local Pack is the map results that show up at the very top of the search results page.ย 

Studies show that nearly 50% of clicks go to the listings in the Local Pack, making it a crucial piece of real estate.ย 

Analyze which of your target keywords trigger a Local Pack to show up, as ranking in this section can significantly boost your visibility and drive more patients to your med spa.

"I can tell you that securing one of those coveted spots is like striking gold for a med spa." notes Amina, another member of Diamond Accelerator's SEO team. "Once we know which of your keywords have Local Pack potential, we can start optimizing your Google Business Profile and other local SEO factors to help you rank there. Everything from your business category and description to your reviews and photos can impact your Local Pack rankings."

Want to get your med spa featured in the Google Local Pack for your most valuable keywords? Diamond Accelerator’s Med Spa SEO services can help. Contact us to learn more.

Consider "Top of Funnel" Keywords

Top of funnel keywords are search terms used by people who are earlier in the buying journey and are often in the form of questions.ย 

Examples include “how long does botox last?” or “are facials good for acne?”ย 

Although these keywords may not lead to immediate conversions, they provide an opportunity to attract potential patients with informative content.ย 

Keep in mind that Google often shows national results rather than local ones for these types of queries.

Utilize Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific phrases that tend to have lower search volume but higher conversion rates. They often indicate a more targeted search intent.ย 

For example, “best med spa for laser hair removal in [your city]” is a long-tail keyword that could attract highly qualified leads.ย 

Incorporating long-tail keywords into your content can help you capture valuable traffic that may be overlooked by your competitors.

Build Out Keyword-targeted Pages

Once you’ve identified your primary keywords, create dedicated service pages on your website optimized for each one.ย 

Include the keyword in the page title, header, meta description, and throughout the content.ย 

Over time, this will help your med spa rank higher in search results and get featured in the Local Pack for those valuable bottom of funnel keywords.

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