Expert Skincare Marketing Tips: Maximize Your Med Spa’s Retail Revenue

Skin Care Marketing Strategies

Selling skincare products, especially medical-grade ones, is essential for a med spa’s success. The skincare market has grown to almost $145 billion!

Many med spa owners don’t focus enough on selling skincare products, which means they miss out on a big opportunity to make more money and help their patients get better results.

Katlin Cauffman, a med spa marketing expert and founder of Diamond Accelerator, says, 

"Retail sales are vital to your success. Med spa owners, are you looking to sell more retail, more medical-grade skincare products in your med spa?

Well, if that is not one of your priorities, then a mindset shift needs to take place, my friends."

Focusing on selling skincare products is good for both the med spa and the patient. By teaching patients about the benefits of medical-grade skincare and making product suggestions a key part of their services, med spa owners can increase their income and help patients get better results.

In the next sections, we’ll share expert tips and strategies for marketing skincare products effectively.

Start the Conversation Early

1. Educate patients about skincare products before they visit the med spa.

Katlin Cauffman emphasizes, 

"It really starts all before they ever step foot into your med spa. They need to be seeing and hearing what products that you are using yourself."

2. Showcase the products you and your staff use personally. 

3. Build trust and authority by demonstrating your own use of the products 

When patients know that you and your staff use the products personally, it becomes much easier to discuss skincare during consultations and checkout.

Med Spa Employee Selling Medical Grade Skin Care to Smiling Woman

Repeat the Conversation

 1. Discuss skincare products during every appointment and consultation. Make skincare recommendations a regular part of your patient interactions.

2. Adapt recommendations based on patients’ changing needs and lifestyles. 

Katlin advises,

"Repeat it at every appointment and in the consultation room because life changes all the time. Our bodies change, our skin changes, our lifestyle, the events coming up."

3. Emphasize the benefits of a daily medical-grade skincare regimen. Help patients understand how a consistent skincare routine can improve their results.

Train Your Team

1. Ensure your staff is knowledgeable and comfortable discussing skincare products Provide your team with the education and resources they need to confidently recommend skincare products.

2. Encourage staff to share their personal experiences with the products.

 Katlin suggests,

"Train your team to sell more retail. If you're not able to do it or your staff isn't able to do it, you can have influencers in your community, you can have your best patients be sharing their stories as well."

3. Role-play scenarios to practice effective communication and sales techniques. Help your staff develop the skills they need to successfully promote skincare products.

Leverage Patient Testimonials and Influencer Marketing

1. Encourage satisfied patients to share their skincare success stories. Use patient testimonials to showcase the benefits of your skincare products.

2. Collaborate with local influencers to showcase your products and services. Partner with influencers to reach a wider audience and build credibility.

3. Utilize user-generated content to build social proof and credibility. Share photos and videos of real patients using and benefiting from your skincare products.

Provide Engaging Product Demonstrations

1. Create unboxing videos to highlight the features and benefits of skincare products. Here is an example of an engaging unboxing video that showcases the products’ packaging, instructions, and texture.

2. Demonstrate proper application techniques and explain the purpose of each step. Show patients how to use the products correctly for optimal results.

3. Emphasize the affordability and value of medical-grade skincare compared to other options. Highlight the cost-effectiveness of your skincare products compared to lower-quality alternatives.

A Display of Medical Grade Skin Care Products on a Med Spa Counter

Simplify the Skincare Routine

1. Choose skincare lines that offer clear, step-by-step instructions. We love skincare systems that are easy to follow, with products labeled “step one, step two, step three, step four, step five.”

2. Provide visuals and educational materials to help patients maintain their routine at home.

3. Offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure patients achieve optimal results. Be available to answer questions and provide advice as patients incorporate skincare products into their daily lives.

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