4 Proven Med Spa Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue with In-Office Tactics

In Office Med Spa Marketing Strategies

While investing in cutting-edge devices and extensive external marketing campaigns can be effective, many practices overlook the potential of marketing to their existing patient base.ย 

At Diamond Accelerator, we emphasize the importance of in-office med spa marketing strategies.

"Your current med spa patients that are sitting in your waiting room, even your bathroom, are the best and easiest to get them to buy more, to spend more, to increase the number of visits," Katlin Cauffman, our founder, explains.

"It really is your lowest cost and highest conversion when it comes to growth."

We share our top strategies for maximizing in-office marketing impact.

Engaging Lobby TV

One powerful way to showcase your med spa’s unique offerings is by installing a television in your waiting area that loops compelling video content about your practice.ย 

In a study conducted by the Institute for Social Research, approximately 62% of respondents reported using their cell phones to occupy themselves during waiting periods.ย 

Med spas can capitalize on this captive audience by showcasing engaging video content about their services and unique selling points on a lobby TV.

"This is in essence a walking billboard television commercial that is on constant loop," Cauffman describes.

The TV can highlight what sets your med spa apart, such as provider credentials, years of experience, and specialized training.ย 

It’s also an ideal platform to feature your top revenue-generating treatments, impressive before and after photos, patient testimonials, and any membership programs or special offers.ย 

We advise being strategic about whether to include audio, as a short video on repeat can become annoying for waiting patients.

Two Patients in Med Spa Lobby Watching Med Spa Marketing on a TV

Compelling Picture Book

Another highly effective in-office marketing tool is a professional hardcover “look book” that tells a visual story of your med spa’s transformative results.ย 

"I have a handful of clients that have their own hardcover picture books and everybody loves them," shares Cauffman.

"Instead of your patients looking through Us or People magazine when they're sitting waiting for their appointment or when they are in the treatment room...have that hardcover picture book."

We recommend filling the book with your own impressive before and after photos, information on signature treatments, and content that conveys your med spa’s unique personality and differentiators.

To make the most of your efforts, we suggest repurposing the same assets from your video loop in your picture book.

Maximizing Print Assets

Med spas can also better educate patients about their service offerings by leveraging the print marketing assets provided by device manufacturers and skincare partners.

"A lot of times when you buy these expensive devices, when you hit certain levels of your injectables, you get swag, you get marketing materials," notes Cauffman.

We advise connecting with your reps to see what brochures, posters, and banners you can qualify for at low or no cost to display around your office.

Having these professional marketing pieces prominently featured in your waiting area, treatment rooms, and even restrooms keeps your treatment offerings top of mind and sparks patient interest.

A Med Spa Treatment Room with a Marketing Brochure Displayed

Impactful New Patient Folders

To make a strong impression with new patients and set the stage for long-term loyalty, we recommend giving each first-time visitor a branded welcome folder filled with carefully curated information and offers.ย 

This comprehensive packet should include your full service menu, membership program details, patient financing options, a recommended treatment plan based on their consultation, relevant treatment brochures, an overview of your medical-grade skincare offerings, and an enticing bounce back coupon for their next visit.

"Every patient that comes in gets this new patient folder with their branding on it. It's smooth, it looks really good," describes Cauffman.

"So I'm a new patient and I thought that I was just coming in for some Botox, but I didn't even know about all the other things that you had to offer...I get to take this home and I look at all of the service menus."

This thorough introduction to your med spa’s offerings and treatment philosophy helps guide patients from a one-time visit to a more comprehensive treatment journey.

Implementing These Strategies in Your Med Spa

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to put these powerful in-office marketing strategies into action in your own med spa, Diamond Accelerator is here to help.ย 

We’ll work closely with you to understand your med spa’s strengths, target audience, and growth goals to craft in-office marketing assets that resonate with your patients and drive real results.ย 

Our comprehensive med spa consulting services cover everything from strategy and content development to design, production, and staff training to ensure your in-office marketing efforts are set up for success.

Ready to elevate your med spa’s in-office marketing and accelerate your growth? Contact Diamond Accelerator today to schedule a consultation with our expert med spa marketing team.