Best Performing Laser Hair Removal Offer for Your Med Spa

My favorite all time, best performing medspa marketing offer for laser hair removal (that has generated tens of THOUSANDS of dollars for my clients) is…… $199 UNLIMITED* laser hair removal session. I know, I know. You’re thinking, ‘oh, Katlin is giving away the farm!!’ No, no, no, I can’t do that. But keep reading, because the terms and conditions on this offer are what makei it SOOOOO stinkin’ successful: 

Treat as many areas as you would like, in your FIRST 30-minute session. How quickly your device can fire will determine how much that 30 minutes will get that patient. Now, this doesn’t stop at just $199. What I view this offer to be is really a try-before-you-buy.

I consider this to be someone paying you $200 for their consultation. But it’s not so much the front end offer that is going to determine the success over the overall campaign. It’s what you do with that patient once they show up in your consultation room. The most common question or objection that you’re going to face with your patients on this is ‘How much time does that get me?’ , ‘How many body parts does that get me?’, ‘Can I be hair free, head to toe?’.

And obviously the answers to their questions are going to vary from med spa to med spa, depending on how quickly your laser fires and how quickly your service provider can move through the different areas. The KEY🗝️here…. it’s all in how you manage patient expectations. 

And this is the very, very, very important part. So take notes and listen up here!!! 

Whether you receive the question in the beginning of the consultation or you get it on the phone or DM/email inquiry, this is how I want you to handle it: 

  1. Acknowledge that it is a GREAT question to ask 
  2. Explain: 

So here’s what it’s gonna look like. Once you come in, then your service provider is gonna ask you what areas of your body you’re interested in receiving laser hair removal. And then they’re gonna ask you to prioritize those from most important to least important. And then we’ll get right into doing the treatment and we’re gonna see how quickly we can get within those 30 minutes. And then at that time, once we get through that, then once I’ve been able to see your hair follicle and your skin type, I’m gonna be able to make a recommendation on a treatment plan that is going to achieve the outcome that you are looking for. Because on average, we find most patients need X amount of treatments to treat to complete meaning that you permanently remove the hair, right? 

  1. Manage their expectations and educate them that it takes more than one treatment to achieve permanent removal. Of course you might need to give them an idea of approximately how many areas you’ll be able to potentially get through in the 30 minute session.. And then you’ll just be able to educate them once they’re done. 

Based on the areas that you are wanting to treat and then your hair follicle and skin time, I really foresee you needing this package to be able to get the results that you are looking for. 

Then you sell them the package or the membership, and that my friends is the gateway to massively growing your laser hair removal department! I mean, how nice would it be to get paid for all of your laser hair removal consultations? 

The disposable cost is so minor to you for laser hair removal. To use this kind of try-before-you-buy strategy to drive people into a laser hair removal membership or larger package is going to make you tens of thousands of dollars. 

So again, let me arm you with a couple really important things for this to be successful for you. 

So number one, the term and condition attached to the unlimited offer is to treat as many areas as you would like in up to a 30 minute session.

So that needs to be included on your ad copy and your landing page and the appointment reminders just to help manage their expectations. Now, of course, you may have a few patients that don’t see it even though it’s everywhere. And those patients are always the ones that bark the loudest and the hardest, but don’t let this deter you.

It’s all in how you handle it: “Oh, I’m so sorry. You didn’t notice that, but we have it listed here, here, and here. This is the terms of this offer” and just keep rollin’ with it! Don’t let it deter you. 

Now, the next important thing is to make sure that you have a service provider who really manages your patient’s expectations

and doesn’t let those patients walk out the door after just paying you $199 for the try-before-you-buy session without ever seeing them again. Or, this offer becomes a total waste of time. By the time you pay for your marketing and your staff for doing that consultation or treatment, there’s little to no money after that. So you need to make sure that you’ve worked with that service provider to make sure that they’re armed with the script and language to convert that patient into a membership or a package.

The marketing has to be super simple and it works every time. 

The biggest difference between my clients that are making a handover fist return on investment in this offer and others that are like turning and burning just $200 patients and losing them out the door is the ability of the service provider to convert that new patient into that package or membership. And, and I gotta be honest with you… if you are seeing a high number of these new patients coming in on this offer and they are not converting into your membership or package, there is something going on in that consultation. Something is being missed that they’re not converting now. If you’re having a large number of these patients not move onto the membership or package you absolutely have to spend more time to look at what is happening in that consultation room. It literally is the difference between tens of thousands of dollars guys. So try out this offer, let me know, how it goes for you!